Bert Topham

(1893-1962) Bert Topham (Toronto Centre) was a prominent observer of his day, and the first recipient of the Society's Chant Medal.

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Castlefield Observatory

(1938-72?) Bert Topham's observatory at 1250 Castlefield Ave., Toronto.

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Victoria Programme 1943-44

Royal Astronomical Society of Canada
of Lectures
SEASON 1943·44
Wednesday, October 13 "Straight Lines and Circles in Navigation"
Lt. Cmdr. C.A. McDonald,
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RASC Gavel 1941

This gavel is made, and was given to The Royal Astronomical Society of Canada by H.G. Duncalfe Oct 1941.

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Ken Chilton #9

L to R: Marlett, Jim King, Ken Tower, Geo. Haskell, Ken Chilton.

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Ken Chilton #8

Ken Chilton is at bottom right.

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Ken Chilton #7

Ken Chilton, second from right.

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Hamiltonians at DDO

Hamilton Centre group in front of the DDO.

L to R: J.A. Partridge, Dr. Wm. Findlay, Dr. Warren, Rev. E.F. Maunsell, Norman H. Broadhead, Prof. George Milne, George Campbell, 8, Dr. McNeil, T.N. Wingham, W.S. Mallory, Dr. A.E. Johns, E.E. Boscence.

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McMaster 1946 June

At McMaster University, June 1946.

L to R: 1, 2, George Campbell, hidden-unknown, 5, Dr. Johns.

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RASC-AAVSO 1940 #4

Group photo, RASC-AAVSO meeting at DDO, 1940. An Image map with names is available. Frank Hogg appears in both photos!

Report & photo key: JRASC, 34, 224.

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