Past Honorary Members

Honorary Membership was limited to 10 from 1890-1900, and to 15 from 1901 onwards. Corresponding Membership was a lesser class of Honoris causa membership in the early years. A few honorary members, such as Barnard, were first made corresponding members for a short time before being recommissioned as honorary members.

Nation(s) Startsort descending End
Lindblad, Dr. Bertil Sweden 1956 1965
Bowen, Dr. Ira S. USA 1956 1973
Unsöld, Dr. Albrecht Germany 1956 1995
Mitchell, Prof. Samuel Canada/USA 1958 1960
Stebbins, Dr. Joel USA 1958 1966
Ambartsumian, Dr. Viktor Amazaspovitch USSR/Armenia 1959 1996
Struvé, Dr. Otto USA 1959 1963
Woolley, Dr. Richard v.d.R. United Kingdom/South Africa 1961 1986
Bok, Dr. Bart J. Holland, USA, Australia 1961 1982
Joy, Dr. Alfred H. USA 1961 1973