Sustaining Members

Sustaining Members are those members who choose to make a donation to the Society at time of membership renewal, equal or greater than the current regular membership fee, but not to a specific special fund of the Society.

Presently all of these donations are directed to the Public Speaker Fund which provides funding to the new Public Speaker Program until the fund reaches an annual cap of $10,000. After the cap is reached, remaining donations become a General Donation.

Thank You - Sustaining Members 2017
John Allard
Dr. Roy Bishop
David Bourgeois
William P. Bradley
Gregory Bridger
Eric Briggs
Gary Bunclark
David Chapman
Joseph De Koninck
Randy Dodge
Kevin Fenwick
Douglas R. Gies
Randolf Girardin
Martin S. Gormanson
Frank G. Graham
Colin Haig
Searle Hartman
Lloyd Higgs
David E. Hogg
Don Howden
Norm Howe
Damien Lemay
John Myles MacInnes
R. Allan Moore
Neil Rowlands
Charles Schaeffer
Gregory Sivakoff
Mike Stephens
Shannon Christine Stephens
Gene K. Wilson
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