Honorary Member: Rev. Robert O. Evans

Reverend Robert Evans, an Australian amateur astronomer, holds the world record for visual discoveries of supernovae: 40 as of 2006, more than the combined total of all other visual observers combined! Most of these were found using Newtonian telescopes of 10-, 12-, and 16-inch aperture from his backyard. His discoveries include several supernovae that, during the past quarter century, helped to establish the classification scheme for these colossal explosions, information that was needed for studying supernovae at remote distances, which led to independent estimates for the expansion, age, and fate of the Universe. Evans' success is a consequence of his life-long fascination with supernovae, and that he has memorized the appearance of more than 1000 galaxies and adjacent star fields down to 15th magnitude. Without star atlas or electronic aid, he can locate and examine galaxy after galaxy at a rate of about one a minute. As Chairman of the Supernova Search Committee of the AAVSO (American Association of Variable Star Observers) and as author of "Amateur Supernova Hunting" in the RASC Observer's Handbook, Rev. Evans is assisting observers world-wide in this endeavour.

Title/Given Name: 
Rev. Robert O.