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Short on volunteers for your Centre?

Many of us would like to do our little part for the Centre/Society or the hobby in general but where do we find the time??? Or we don't want to feel obligated to commit to a year term (or 2 years!!! or implied... indefinitely if no one else puts their hand up?)... try out the latest I heard while driving to a customer site and listening to Spark on CBC (http://www.cbc.ca/spark/category/episodes/ - select September 10th and scroll down to the article "Micro-volunteering").

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Live Telescope and Observatory Webchat Program

On Friday, Oct 15, from 3-4:00pm Eastern Time, astronomer Dr. Thomas Statler will give a remote, live tour of a modern astronomical telescope at the MDM Observatory in Arizona. This tour will give viewers an insight into practical astronomy, including how astronomers operate the telescope and how Dr. Statler's team is using it to study near-Earth asteroids.

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President Whitehorne's GA talk on the Web

President Mary Lou Whitehorne gives clear and compelling reasons for supporting science, outreach, and education in the talk she gave at the Freericton GA in early July.

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Audouin Dollfus (1924 November 12 – 2010 October 1)

It is with sadness that we report the demise of RASC Honorary Member and distinguished planetary scientist, Audouin Dollfus. He was 85.

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Dr. Brian G. Marsden (1937-2010)

RASC members will be saddened to learn that one of our most distinguished contributors to the Observer's Handbook has recently passed away.

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David Levy Profile of Tim Doucette

RASC member Tim Doucette is in the news again! Tim, a noted astrophotographer and visual observer, is legally blind. That, however, does not stop him from doing quality astronomy, and encouraging others to do the same through the RASC.

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Easy Outreach Event Reporting Online Now!

Has your Centre been doing outreach events? We’d love to have your information for future fund raising efforts. Now you can go online and report your numbers quickly and easily. It only takes a minute. Go to www.rasc.ca and look under "Society" then at the bottom of the "Centres" menu.

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Join MAP and help promote the Society

Recent changes in National Office and tentative marketing and membership initiatives we are looking for a couple of members interested in participating in the development of the new RASC Marketing, Promotions, and Membership services.

Please contact Chris Weadick (MAP Chair) with any questions and request to help form part of the new RASC Strategy!

Thanks in advance
Chris Weadick
MAP Chair
chris.weadick @ gmail.com

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Grow Centre membership and meeting content

Below are a couple of links from the Astronomy Society of the Pacific regarding welcoming (an re-welcoming?) members to meetings to help ease some of the awkwardness and assumptions regarding astronomy.

Help make new members feel welcomed and appreciated... we were all new at one time... A nice reminder regarding a mentor 'facilitator' as well.

The link mentions "clubs" but it is also relevant to EPO activities!

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Position Statement - Green Laser Pointer Usage

Position Statement of The Royal Astronomical Society of Canada

On Green Laser Pointer Usage

The Royal Astronomical Society of Canada’s (RASC) mission is to encourage improved understanding of astronomy for all, through education, outreach, research, publication, partnership, enjoyment, and community. The RASC advocates the safe and responsible use of green laser pointers (GLPs).

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