Find new instructions on how to access the private areas of the RASC's web services are here

With these new procedures, you only have to login to the RASC Secure Web Portal when you need to change your password, to update a new email address, to change your contact details, or make on-line purchases from the eStore. However, the usernames and passwords needed to access the online Journal and Members-Only section of the website are displayed after you login.

Access to the Members-Only site is a simple click away on the right-hand column at this page. The username and password is the same for everyone.

Access to the recent issues of the RASC Journal is through this page. The username and password is the same for everyone, but different than for the Members-Only site, and is posted with each email announcement broadcast to Members.

Please take the time to read the Login FAQ page here to ensure that you can access all the great features of the RASC Web experience!

eNews date: 
Tuesday, November 3, 2009