Explore the Moon is a new beginner's observing program (with certificate) that RASC is officially launching today!


"This observing program bridges the gap between the introductoryExplore the Universe Observing Program and the more challenging Isabel Williamson Lunar Observing Program. It is ideal for beginning observers who are just learning about telescopes and binoculars, by providing a hands-on observing experience on an easy object—the Moon. The progam is based on the 94 lunar features listed and charted in the RASC Observer's Handbook, originally selected by Roy Bishop, who was Handbook editor for 19 years. Explore the Moon was field-tested in 2012–2015 by several beginning observers in the RASC Halifax Centre, many of whom went on to complete other RASC observing programs. At this time, only the telescope version in English is available, we hope to offer a binocular version in English and both of those in French, in due course.We welcome feedback from observers!"

Start exploring the Moon today!

eNews date: 
Monday, October 17, 2016