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The Sky This Month - June 2015

Bootes Hunting Dog and Two Merging Planets

Portrayed in the sky as Canis Major and Canis Minor, Orion the Hunter is not the only one owning pets. Canes Venatici is associated to Bootes the Herdman and can be located high in the sky and below the handle of the Big Dipper. However unlike most of the constellations we encounter, Canes does not possess and asterism except for line connecting Cor Caroli to Chara and yet it is the 38th constellation in area with 465 square degrees of sky.

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The Messier Marathon

Messier Marathon

As we peer up at the night sky, drinking in photons from celestial objects far, far, away, one easily takes on the relaxed position with no schedule. As the months goes by, we greet our favourite Messier object as they emerge from the dawn sky into the blackness of the night. This game is repeated throughout the year until we have recovered all 110 Messier objects. There is however a very tight window of opportunity where all Messiers can be found on a single night.

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The Sky This Month - Febuary 2015


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The Sky This Month - January 2015

Icon Orion

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The Sky This Month - December 2014

The River Eridanus

Eridanus the River is a long but narrow constellation found at this time of year above the southern horizon or at least its top half as seen from Canada. Starting close to the celestial equator, the entire asterism stretches down almost sixty degrees. Unlike the brilliant suns of the constellation Orion to the left, Eridanus lacks any bring stars and only range in brightness from magnitude 3.2 to 5.0 except for magnitude 2.9 Cursa. They are however unique in their individual life stories.

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The Sky This Month - November 2014

The Lizard And The King

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The Sky This Month - October 2014

A Month of Eclipses

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The Sky This Month - September 2014

The Summer Triangle – part 2

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The Sky This Month - July 2014

The Mighty Hercules

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The Sky This Month - June 2014

Libra the scales

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