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The Sky This Month - January 2020

Mysterious Betelgeuse

The latest buzz amongst astronomers is the noticeable dimming of the star Betelgeuse. This orange coloured beacon is located to the upper left of the iconic constellation Orion the Hunter. The supergiant star is less than 10 million years old and is already at the end of its short stellar life as this type of star burn hard and die fast. By comparison, our sun is halfway through its estimated10 billion year life span.


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The Sky This Month - December 2019

The Geminid Meteor Shower

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The Sky This Month - November 2019

The Transit of Mercury

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Ad Astra Giveaway

Ad Astra Giveaway!

We have movie passes to give away to the Ad Astra premiere this Sept 18 in five cities across Canada!

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The Sky This Month - September 2019


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The Sky This Month - August 2019

Aquila The Eagle

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The Sky This Month - July 2019

The Glow of Billions

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Now Hiring! Marketing and Communications Coordinator

Exciting news! Through a generous grant from the Carswell Family Foundation, the RASC is now able to hire a fifth full-time staff member. Applications are open until July 5th, 2019. Apply here.


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Summer Students Start Work at the Society Office

Summer Student Start at Society Office


I am pleased to welcome the summer student to the RASC Society Office.

The Society obtained a grant through the federal Canada Summer Jobs program to hire the student for 9 weeks.

Katarina Holborough will work assisting with administrative duties, handling membership inquiries and publication sales.

Katarina will be using the coordinator@rasc.ca

Please join us in welcoming Katarina to the RASC Office!


Renata Koziol

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The Sky This Month - May 2019

Eta Aquarid Meteor Shower

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