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The Sky This Month - March 2020

The Ultimate Challenge

Standing under a dark country sky on a moonless night, our eyes drink in a couple of thousand stars as well as visible planets. This alone is a wonder but once we use the magnification of a telescope, fainter objects now reveal their subtle detail. Amateur astronomers not only use their telescopes to magnify what the unaided eye sees but hunt down the elusive galaxies, star clusters and nebulae.

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The Sky This Month - March 2019

Canis Major

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The Sky This Month - February 2006

The Winter Sky - Part I

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The Sky This Month - March 2006

A Morning Comet and The Winter Sky – Part 2

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The Sky This Month - April 2006

A Realm of Galaxies

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The Sky This Month - May 2006

Big Bear is Watching

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The Sky This Month - June 2006

Summer Nights

Warm weather is an obvious factor in luring people outdoors - be it the summer cottage, Provincial Parks or the favourite campsite. No words can describe the sense of awe and amazement as you lay under a moonless canopy of stars, far from city lights and the veil of light pollution. From dashing meteors and the passing of high orbit satellites to the rising of the majestic Milky Way and the pastels of the Northern Lights, the mystical sky intrigues everyone. The sky is definitely alive.

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The Sky This Month - August - 2010

Planets on Parade

On any given night, most of our solar system planets can be seen visually without optical aid or adored in the eyepiece of a telescope. It is a treat to be shared with friends, neighbours and at public star parties. After all, many people are surprised they are able to see our family of planets. The ancient Greeks called them the “wanderers”. The five visible planets that can be glimpsed naked eye are Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn. Uranus Neptune and Pluto were only found with telescopes a few thousand years later.

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The Sky This Month - September 2010

Glowing Suns By The Million

Have you ever just looked up into the night sky? Not to search for a faint nebula nor to split a close double star. Not to polar align an equatorial telescope or estimate the limiting magnitude of the night. It is just as it sounds, look up. If you have ever found yourself in the countryside on a moonless clear night and away from any kind of distracting stray light – you know exactly what I mean.

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The Sky This Month - November 2010

Still A Good Comet

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