Gordon Patterson

(1916-94) An active Saskatoon Centre member; received a Service Award in 1982.

GORDON N. PATTERSON (1916-94) was employed as a departmental assistant in the Physics Department at the University of Saskatchewan. He was the first Secretary of the revitalized Saskatoon Centre in 1969-70 and then became President in 1971-72. For the next decade he was a dynamic force in the Centre, being largely responsible for the construction of the Rystrom Observatory and as an avid astrophotographer, he generously sharing his know-how with other members. He gave lectures on the subject locally and as an exchange speaker to other Centres, and the Pattersons' home was the scene of many less formal classes. He oversaw the Centre's production of a star atlas, he wrote many articles for the Centre and the National Newsletter, and was the author of a Handbook of Astrophotography for Amateur Astronomers (1st ed - 1974, 2nd ed - 1988). In 1981-82, Gordon Patterson served a second term as Centre President, during which time he led the organization of the Saskatoon GA. He received the Service Award in 1982 for his vital role in promoting astronomy in Saskatoon.

Peter Broughton (from Looking Up)

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