General Assembly, Montreal, April 8-9, 1960.

L to R: Andrew McKellar (National President), Katherine Zorgo (Montreal Centre), Helen Hogg, Dorothy Yane (Montreal Centre).

Notes from Geoff Gaherty (2012):

Andrew McKellar was a sad case. A distinguished astrophysicist and newly elected president of the RASC, he died suddenly a few weeks after these pictures [other photo] were taken [the evidence points to lymphoma being the cause of death], a great shock to all of us who had met him as he was quite a young man.

Katherine Zorgo and Dot Yane were both very active in the Montreal Centre, both as observers (Katherine in charge of aurora observations, Dot in charge of Nova Search) and as chief organizers of social events, such as the 1960 GA, which is why they figure prominently. I'm always surprised when I hear of astronomy being a male dominated pursuit because the Montreal Centre had quite a large number of active women members besides Isabel Williamson.

GA 1960 Photo #1