GA 2020 Info

PDF capture of pages from the 2020 Virtual GA website.

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GA Graphic - 2020

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GA 1990 Package

  • Overview
  • Accommodation
  • Registration
  • How to Get to Carlton
  • Preliminary Schedule
  • Display Competition
  • Registration Forms
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GA Pin 1994

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GA Group Photo - 2017

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GA 2013 EPO Roundtable

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RASC: 140 Years of Art and Observation

RASC: One Hundred and Forty Years of Art and Observation

catalogue of an exhibition from the RASC National Archives
for the 2008 General Assembly in Toronto, June 28-30, 2008

a project of the RASC History Committee
Barry Matthews, Chair
R. A. Rosenfeld, Archivist

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Mike Watson 1991

Mike Watson is dazzled by the solar eclipse at the GA banquet on 1991 May 18 (UBC Vancouver). Photo by Henry Lee.

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Future of the RASC #1

the future of the RASC in the 21st century

Roland Dechesne, President, Calgary Centre
Jim Hesser, Director of the DAO, Single Point of Contact for the Canada Node of Beyond IYA (BIYA), and member of the Victoria Centre
Lauri Roche, 1st Vice President, Victoria Centre
Mary Lou Whitehorne, National President of the RASC, and member of the Halifax Centre

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Future of the RASC #2

GA 2010

Boldly Navigating Where No One Has Gone Before

The Future of the RASC in the 21st Century

—R.A. Rosenfeld

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