Northcott Fund

Ruth Northcott The Ruth Northcott Memorial Fund was established in 1970 in memory of Ruth Northcott. The fund helps to finance the annual Ruth Northcott Memorial Lecture and the following education-related purposes:

  • The improvement and extension of the publications of the Society
  • The improvement and extension of the library and visual aids of the Society for the benefit of the members of the Society and the many publics served by the Society
  • The fostering of communication and interchange among the members of the Society, thus enhancing members' skills and abilities
  • Assistance in providing accommodation for the Society's education and public outreach undertakings
  • Such other purposes as would generally fall within Professor Northcott's wish to further the study of, and appreciation for, astronomy in Canada by all Canadians.

Photo by Doug Hube.

Thank You - Donors 2015
Lauri Roche
Margaret Scorthorne-Brons
Mr Robert C. Victor
Karen Finstad
Mr Rockney Jacobsen
Barbara A Hall
Ms Christina Barker
Dr Michael De Robertis
Mr Erwin Diener
Mr Robert Duff
Mr Frederick D Marlett
Mr Gary Hoyenga
Lauri Roche
Ms Christina Barker
Kathleen Elizabeth Cripps
Chris Malicki
Dr John Percy
Ralph Gault
Mr Calvin Lambie
Mr Wilfred Morley
Mr D G Potter
Mr Jay Anderson
Anita David
Margaret Scorthorne-Brons
Mr Steven Fahey
Ms Amelia Wehlau
Mr Robert C. Victor
Dr C M Clement
Mr Ray Khan
Mr Donald L MacDonald
Beverley Burns
Mr Jim Edgar
Ian Halliday
Ms Elizabeth Keller
Ulrich J Krull
Mr C F Kruijer
Mr Donald L Macdonald
Donald C. Morton
Dr John Percy
Mr Paul Soron
Dr Kurt Warncke
Betty R Robinson
Mary-Lou Whitehorne
Mr David J Lane
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