Corresponding Member: John Goldie

Mr. John Goldie, of Galt, was elected a corresponding member of the Astronomical and Physical Society of Toronto on 1890-06-17. In 1891, his membership was recategorized to the "Life" category in consideration of his sponsorship of the Society's Library, and in 1892 his membership was recategorized as "Active".

At the meeting of 1896-03-31 A note was read from Mr. A.F. Miller who had received a dispatch announcing the death of Mr. John Goldie, of Galt. The society learned of the event with very deep regret. Mr. Goldie had been an active member since incorporation in 1890, and had been one of the first to aid the Society substantially when the Library was being formed. His donations towards this object were followed by other gifts which very materially assisted the Society in its financial affairs. The contributions of the deceased to the work of the Society had been mainly in the form of letters to one or other of the members. As an instance of his keen observing powers the fact was recalled that he had reported the Rordame Comet in 1893 on the evening following the discovery, news of this not having reached Mr. Goldie's location at that time. As an example of the successful merchant, still finding time to enjoy the pleasures of scientific study, always willing to aid in the furtherance of any plan for the popularizing of science, the name of the deceased would be long remembered in Canada. The Chairman appointed a committee to draw up a resolution embodying the Society's deep regret at his loss, and sympathy with the family of the deceased.

At the meeting of 1896-04-14 the Committee appointed to prepare a memorial to the late Mr. John Goldie reported as follows:

To the President and Members of the Astronomical and Physical Society of Toronto:

Your Committee would recommend that the following resolution be inscribed on the minutes of this Society, and a copy forwarded to the relatives of the deceased:

Resolved, That The Astronomical and Physical Society of Toronto, having learned with deep regret of the decease of John Goldie, Esq., a life member of the Society, desire to express to his family their sincere sympathy with them in this bereavement.

They recollect Mr. Goldie as one of the pioneer workers in amateur astronomy in this province, and as one whose heart was in his work. He spared neither pains nor expense in providing the appliances for research, and used them sedulously in the advancement of his favourite study, and for the good of his fellow citizens. He was deeply learned in practical astronomy, a careful and accurate observer, qualities which his modesty and beautiful humility kept from attracting that wide spread attention they deserved, but which could not remain unknown to those with whom he came in contact on the common ground of scientific friendship; and it is a duty, as well as a pleasure, for the Society to bear testimony to these facts.

The Society further desires to record the substantial pecuniary aid their Library and instrumental equipment owe to Mr. Goldie's generosity. Nor can they close this tribute to his memory without acknowledging how greatly his friendly nature encouraged, and his noble example stimulated, each and all of his fellow members in their endeavours to follow where he had led. The simplicity of his character and his kindly disposition endeared him to all; and each feels conscious that the departure of John Goldie has occaisioned a vacancy which cannot be filled.

A.F. Miller, Chairman.

On motion the resolution was adopted and the Secretary instructed to forward a copy to the relatives of the deceased.

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Mr. John