Corresponding Member: Andrew F. Hunter

Andrew Frederick Hunter (December 31, 1863-October 19, 1940) joined the Astronomical Society in the 1880s while he was a student in Mathematics and Physics at the University of Toronto. He had grown up near Barrie, about 80 km north of Toronto, and returned there as owner and editor of the local newspaper, the Barrie Examiner, following graduation in 1889. He became a town Councillor in Barrie and was a talented amateur archaeologist and local historian. His History of the County of Simcoe is still a valuable reference work. He also had a lasting interest in geology stemming from his employment with the Canadian Geological Survey 1904-08. All this probably explains why he held no office the Society for many years, but after he returned to Toronto in 1913 to become Librarian and Secretary of the Ontario Historical Society, he was able to take a more active part in the RASC. From 1918 until 1927 he was successively Recorder, Secretary, Vice-President and President. Most of the lectures he gave to the RASC and articles he wrote for the Journal relate to atmospheric phenomena, halos and the like, and the aurora.

Mr. Andrew F. Hunter, B.A., of Barrie, was elected a corresponding member of the Astronomical and Physical Society of Toronto on 1890-05-20. Starting in 1892, his membership was shifted from the 'corresponding' to 'associate' category.

Title/Given Name: 
Mr. Andrew F.