18910331 Tetans

Sternwarte Bothkamp Holstein

1893 Märr 31.

Dear Sir,

I received your letter of the 14th with the two attempts you made in vain.

Bothkamp not beeing a post office station it seems not to bee striking that your kind efforts provided only with the supplement of, Germany — did not succeed.

In Holstein this observatory is known by any one.

My antecessor, unfortunately, have not secured a stock of the Bothkamp publications and so there is but one complete copy of the 3 volumes in our library.

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18900807 Tetans


Bothkamp, Holstein 1890 August 7.

Dear Gentlemen.

According to your wishes I send you herewith some copies of the negative I took of Jupiter 1889 August 7 after it had been occulted by the Moon.

As you may have seen out of the report A. N. 2928 the photograph has been made but some time after the reappearance, so that Jupiter's image is near the edge of the plate.

The details are naturally still more indistinctly to be seen on the copies than on the negative.

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