Sternwarte Bothkamp Holstein

1893 Märr 31.

Dear Sir,

I received your letter of the 14th with the two attempts you made in vain.

Bothkamp not beeing a post office station it seems not to bee striking that your kind efforts provided only with the supplement of, Germany — did not succeed.

In Holstein this observatory is known by any one.

My antecessor, unfortunately, have not secured a stock of the Bothkamp publications and so there is but one complete copy of the 3 volumes in our library.

The founder and owner of the Bothkamp observatory now being an old man, does not grant the means for purchasing some copies from the second hand booksellers. He also refuses an assistant, and mostly even the means necessary for completing and maintaining the library and instruments. Of the latter are in good order but two, mounted by me 2 years ago with a 6 in aequatorial, mainly for sun projection, and a 2 in transit instrument for time determination, the spectroscopic etc. apparatus of the 11 in refractor being obsolete since 1870.

Perhaps the condition of the observatories of your country is much better, and if there should be a vacancy you would very much oblige me by advising and recommending yours

O. Tetens.

Mr. G. E. Lumsden
Corresponding Secretary of the
Astronomical and Physical Society of Toronto
Secretary of the Province of Ontario, etc.
        Toronto, Canada