Dick McCallum

Dick McCallum (left) shares his telescope.

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Scopes at McMaster #2

Telescopes on display at McMaster University.

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Hamiltonians Observing

L to R: J. Winger, ?, ?, ?.

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McMaster 1946 June

At McMaster University, June 1946.

L to R: 1, 2, George Campbell, hidden-unknown, 5, Dr. Johns.

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Man With Telescope

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J.K. Larkin

Accepting the Larkin Refractor from J.K. Larkin, 1969.

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Mercury Transit 1940

Victoria Centre members preparing for the transit of Mercury on 1940 November 11.

Observers:  Stilwell, Wright, Everall, Mrs. Ley, Miss Humeston, Shaw.

Telescopes: Hopkins, Shaw, DAO, Peters.

Photograph by L. Hopkins. Original print at DDO. Published in JRASC, 35, 1 (1941).

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Early Star Party #3

The refracting telescope at left survives, and is resident in the Society's national office in Toronto.

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Early Star Party #2

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C.H. Clark Scope

Lethbridge, 1960 Sept 27.

Homemade Equatorial with Mrs. Clark in charge.

The setting circles are made from sheet aluminum. The gears are steel worm and gears made from sheet brass held in contact by spring tension.

Good seeing,


CH Clark

1788-10th Ave. S., Alta.

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