Early Star Party

On the lawn of Mr. D.J. Howell, Lambton Mills, Ont. (About 1900).

L to R: Z.M. Collins (with hat on), Visitor, A. Horton, A. Elvins (in front), W.B. Musson, Visitor, Miss M.A. Howell, Mrs. Musson, Mrs. Webber, J. Webber, Miss McEachren (in white), J.E. Maybee, J.A. Paterson, D.J. Howell (side view), Miss Eva C. Howell, G.G. Pursey (blurred).

Published in JRASC, 25, 233 (1931).

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Toronto Observatory Telescope

This photo was published in the RASC Selected Papers and Proceedings, 1902-03. Information was given on pp.57-58:

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Marsh Telescope #1

Interior view of Dr. Marsh's observatory showing the Brashear 5-inch telescope.

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Scatliff and Scope

John Scatliff and his antique 2.75-inch refractor. Photo by James Steffensen.

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Ottawa Meridian Circle

The Ottawa Meridian Circle [JRASC 53,264].

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JRASC 52,255

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Meridian Transit

The Meridian Transit used in Canada's Northern Boundary Survey. JRASC 48,129

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Telescope at CNE

CNE, York U. Archives, Toronto Telegram Collection, box 482, file 319.

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Windsor Star Night 1953

RASC Windsor Centre 9th Annual Observation Night (1953): looked at the moon and rings around Saturn.

Left to right: C.H. Montrose, R.C. Bradley, Mrs. Helen Huneault, W.A. Hare, Lambert Huneault, Danny Bawtenheimer, G.A. Nyberg.

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Montreal 1952

Star Night at Westmount Park in Montréal on 1952 September 25 with a 6-inch reflector.

No identification. Sent by Louie Bernstein of the RASC Montréal Centre. This photo may have appeared in the Montréal Gazette. Graetz Bros. Ltd. Photographers Prints No. 77123.

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