The Solar System

A Ready Reference Handbook of the SOLAR SYSTEM
A CONCISE SUMMARY OF OVER 1,000 Interesting Items and Deductions
2 Christie St., London, Ont.

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Beginning of the Long Dash

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Cole of Spyglass Mountain

Cole of Spyglass Mountain, by Arthur Preston Hankins.

For additional formats, visit Faded Page.

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Looking Up

Looking Up: A History of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada, by R. Peter Broughton.

Information and table of contents.

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Handbook of Astrophotography

Handbook of


for Amateur Astronomers


G.N. Patterson
Saskatoon Centre, R.A.S.C.

Compiled for use as reference material in a course in

© Copyright Gordon Nelson Patterson 1974, 1981 & 1985

ISBN 0-919677-05-3

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Members 1936

List of officers and members for 1936. (This booklet was also scanned by, and is in, NASA's ADS.)

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Members 1931

List of officers and members for 1931. (This booklet was also scanned by, and is in, NASA's ADS.)

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Astronomy, A Hobby of Many Colours; A Beginner's Guide to Astronomy

by Winnipeg Centre - Royal Astronomical society of Canada

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Canadian Eclipse Party 1869

For more formats, visit the page for this book: Canadian Eclipse Party 1869.

Note: this is a work of the mid-Victorian era, and some of the social views expressed by the author are unacceptable today. The RASC does not condone such views. This work is made available here for the benefit of researchers interested in the scientific results of the expedition. 

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SAM 1941-67

La société d'astronomie de Montréal ("SAM")

Centre Francophone de la Société d'astronomie du Canada

RAPPORTS ANNUELS (1947 - 1998)

- incluant aussi -

Les années de l'Observatoire
"Ville Marie" (1941 - 1953)

Quelques Congrès de la SRAC
et certains Congrès de l'A.G.A.A.

Les Lauréats du Centre Francophone

Tome 1: 1941-1967

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