JRASC Schedule 2010s

Note: Schedules for 2012 through 2016 were recovered from archive.org.

Updated 2017 December 16.

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HQ 2009-16

A panoramic view of the RASC's office from 2009-16. Photo by Walter MacDonald.

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HQ Entrance 2016

This is the entrance to HQ.  There is a storage/kitchen area and then a short hallway (also host to our display cases) connecting to the Library, Executive Director's office, and the main office area. Photo by Walter MacDonald, 2016 October 14.

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HQ Office 2016

This is the main office area on 2016 October 14. Photo by Walter MacDonald.

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HQ Library 2016

The RASC Library/Archives on 2016 October 14.  The boxes on the table are the CASCA materials just arrived from RMC. Photo by Walter MacDonald.

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Robert Jedicke

Robert is a Canadian astronomy researcher working at the Institute for Astronomy of the University of Hawaii. Jedicke's expertise is analysing observations and theoretical dynamics of the population of asteroids in the solar system, particularly mini-moons near Earth's orbit. Recently, his search for mini-moons took him to the control room of the Subaru telescope on the summit of Mauna Kea, where he had an observing run with an 8-metre telescope.

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RASC National Office

The RASC's headquarters has moved around Toronto over the years:

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RASC Board 2015-16

The 2015/2016 Board
(including the national office staff, and the former owner of SkyNews):

Back Row: Dr. Chris Gainor, Robyn Foret, Dr. Randy Boddam, Randy Attwood.

Middle Row: Denis Gey, Colin Haig, Julia Neeser, Craig Levine.

Front Row: Heather Laird, Renata Koziol, Terry Dickinson, James Edgar.

(Missing: Dr. Karen Finstad)

Photo: Paul Evans

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RASC Board 2014-15

Back row (l to r): Chris Gainor, Randy Attwood (Executive Director), Craig Levine, ?, ?, ?.
Front row (l to r): Karen Finstad, James Edgar, Colin Haig, Denis Grey.

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RASC Board 2013-14

Back row (l to r): ?, Deborah Thompson (Executive Director), James Edgar, Chris Gainor.
Front row (l to r): Denis Grey, Glenn Hawley, Colin Haig.

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