Observing 1979

Camping out at Plateau Mountain for observing, 1979.  Photo (by Alan Dyer) from RASC slide collection. Alan remarks about this image:

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Edmonton Meeting 1979

A general meeting of the Edmonton Centre at the Queen Elizabeth Planetarium.  Photo from RASC slide collection, dated Feb. 1979.

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RASC Display 1979

Andrew Lowe manning an RASC display at a science fiction convention in 1979.  Photo from the RASC slide collection.

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Display Preparation 1979

Display construction team, Oct. 1979.

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Batten Presentation 1978

Presentation to retiring president Dr. Alan Batten from Edmonton Centre, inscribed:

MARCH 4, 1960

— In appreciation —

Dr. Alan Batten

President 1976-78
Royal Astronomical Society of Canada

This is a mounted portion of the Bruderheim meteorite presented to him by the Edmonton Centre in appreciation of his service to the Society. (ref: Looking Up, p.92)

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Jedicke and Levy on TV

Peter Jedicke and David Levy on TV.

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U of S Observatory 1975

University of Saskatchewan Observatory. Date on slide is June 1975.  Photo from RASC slide collection.

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Inuvik Expedition 1972

John Howell and RASC Calgary Centre members on an eclipse expedition to Inuvik NWT on 1972 July 9.

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Comet Meier 1978f #2

Photo of Comet Meier (1978f) taken May 10.78 by Jack Newton of the Toronto Centre using his 32-cm (12½)
f/4.6 reflector and a 20-minute exposure on 103aF film. A short tail nine minutes long is just visible.

This photo was published in the National Newsletter, June 1978, page L33.

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Comet Meier 1978f

Comet Meier, 1978f, discovered visually by Rolf Meier of the Ottawa Centre on April 26, 1978.
Comet was about 10th magnitude and moving through the constellation Lynx. Photo taken on
April 27th with 40-cm. telescope of the Indian River Observatory. Photo by Rolf Meier.

This photo was published on the front cover of the June 1978 National Newsletter.

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