1890s Correspondence

18910714 Customs

Customs Department, Canada.

FILE No 2714.

Ottawa, July 14th, 1891.

G. E. Lumsden Esq,

Corresponding Secretary, The Astronomical & Physical Society,


      Referring to your letter of 10th inst. addressed to the Hon: the Minister of Customs, in which you ask that Exchanges sent to you from kindred societies may be admitted without payment of duty,--

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18910613 Mt. Holyoke

Seminary and College

South Hadley, Mass., June 13 1891.

Mr. Lumsden,


    "Transactions of the Astronomical and Physical Society of Toronto" received. Thank you.

    It gives me pleasure to know that there is so much interest in the society, and that it is in such a flourishing condition.

    With best wishes for further success.

I remain, yours truly,

E. M. Bardwell.

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18910611 USNO


Naval Observatory,
Washington, June 11, 1891.

Mr. G.E. Lumsden,
    Corresponding Secretary of the Astronomical and
      Physical Society, Toronto, Canada.


    Your letter dated June 3, 1891, and erroneously addressed to Professor S. Newcomb—who is the Superintendent of the Nautical Almanac Office—has been forwarded by that officer to my address.

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18910606 Kirkwood

Riverside, Cal. June 6, 1891.

G. E. Lumsden Esq.:

Dear Sir,—

Accept thanks for your favor of May 27, with the first annual Report. On p. 29, I notice what I suppose to be a typographical error.

On the 8th l. from the bottom for for Jupiter read Neptune, and on the 5th l. from bottom for axis read axial. It is not important, hoever, and need scarcely be noticed.

With much interest in the Society, I remain

Yours very truly

Daniel Kirkwood.

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18910603 USNO

U.S. Naval Observatory
Washington, D.C.

June 3rd 1891

Dear Sir

        Please accept my sincere thanks for the copy of the 1st Annual Report of the Astronomical + Physical Society of Toronto received to-day.

Very respectfully
        Edgar Frisby

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18910523 Warren

Thurday May 23rd 1891

Dear Sir

Yours of the 14th inst. to hand in due time. I am glad that my little service is so much appreciated by you, also I saw that my letter was read at your last meeting, as reproted in the "mail."

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18910515 Bowell

Mackenzie Bowell was Minister of Customs from 1867-1892, and served as Prime Minster of Canada from 1894-1896.

Minister of Customs

15th May 1891.

G. E. Lumsden Esq.
Corresponding Secretary
The Astronomical + Physical Society of Toronto,
Toronto, Ont.


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18910515 Espin

Tow Low

1891 May 15

Dear Sir,

I have the honour to acknowledge your letter of May 4, + send you herewith the report of the Observatory for 1890.

I am very interested to hear that you have started an Astronomical Society at Toronto + sincerely trust it may be a success.

Your society has been entered on the Circular List of this observatory, so that you will receive directly the circulars announcing any discoveries made here.

Believe me

Yours Sincerely

T.E. Espin

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18910331 Tetans

Sternwarte Bothkamp Holstein

1893 Märr 31.

Dear Sir,

I received your letter of the 14th with the two attempts you made in vain.

Bothkamp not beeing a post office station it seems not to bee striking that your kind efforts provided only with the supplement of, Germany — did not succeed.

In Holstein this observatory is known by any one.

My antecessor, unfortunately, have not secured a stock of the Bothkamp publications and so there is but one complete copy of the 3 volumes in our library.

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18910129 Kedzie

Office of J. H. Kedzie,
No. 6 Kedzie's Building,
Nos. 120 & 122 Randolph Street.—
Chicago, Ill. Jan 29th 1891

D.J. Howell Esq.
My Dear Sir

        Yours of the 17th came duly to hand. I accept gratefully the high honor of being Elected a Corresponding Member of the Astronomical & Physical Society of Toronto. I will send you a copy of the work mentioned in the Enclosed slip for the use of the Society. Accept my thanks.

Yours very truly

J.H. Kedzie

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