Asteroid (10058) IKWilliamson

Isabel K. Williamson (born 1908; died 2000-06-02) won the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada's Chant Medal in 1948. A long time force at the Montreal Centre for many decades, Williamson served the Montreal Centre as editor of the Centre’s newsletter, Skyward, as Secretary, and as President. Her observations of aurora and meteors were highly regarded by professional scientists. She inspired countless observers, young and old, to take the night sky seriously and to complete scientifically worthwhile observing projects. The first Messier Club was the result of her efforts. The Montreal Centre’s early observatory was named in her honour in 1987. This observatory was decommissioned and demolished many years ago due to its location next to the football stadium at McGill University. Most recently the Montreal Centre honoured Williamson by naming the newly-renovated library at John Abbott College as the I.K. Williamson Library.

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reference: WGSBN Bulletin, Volume 1, #8 2021-09-20

Orbit type: Main Belt

1988 DD5
Disc. Date: 
R. H. McNaught
Disc. Place: 
Siding Spring