From where it came...

My interest in Astronomy and astrophotography began 32 years ago.  I was taken by the night sky, and a special uncle and my mother provided me a small refractor.  Truth be told, I never saw a star through that telescope, save our own, but I was never the less pleased with it.  

For the next 25+ years I did nothing with that interest, and only with the prodding of a fly-fishing mentor did I return to the passion and interest that was our night sky.   In 2006 Lance Taylor reminded me of the wonder of our sky, and we began shooting the odd frame here and there.  NLC's and Aurora were primary targets for our meek camera configurations, until one night in November 2007,  a comet stole my attention.

Comet Holmes / 17p - November 2007

(Full size image at )

Photographing the night sky became a pastime that provided enjoyment and challenge, while allowing me to explore the heavens.  This was my beginning.

Over the time to come, I'll post my favourite images of the night sky, and my short list of imaging targets.  This said - I'm also not in posession of the tracking and resolving power I'd like, so I'll keep you with me on my evolving journey!


- Greg (January 2012)