RASC Explore the Universe Program

Local Certification Centres

Local Certification Centres offer the Explore the Universe Certificate directly through local observing committees. If your RASC Centre is a Local Certification Centre you may contact the person(s) named here to apply for your Explore the Universe Certificate. RASC Centres who would like information about how to become a Local Certification Centre are invited to scroll down this page for an overview.

Note that the Messier and Finest NGC Certificates are approved at the National level only.

RASC Centre Province Contact Person
St. John's Centre Newfoundland & Labrador Nikolay Damyanov
New Brunswick Centre New Brunswick Emma MacPhee
Centre Francophone de Montreal Quebec Hugues Lacombe
Toronto Centre Ontario Stu McNair
Mississauga Centre Ontario Jo VandenDool
Hamilton Centre Ontario Grant Maguire
Niagara Centre Ontario Glen Pidsadnick
London Centre Ontario Christopher Fleming
Thunder Bay Ontario Ted Bronson
Saskatoon Centre Saskatchewan Les Dickson
Prince George Centre British Columbia Brian Battersby
Okanagan Centre British Columbia Guy Mackie
Vancouver Centre British Columbia TBD
Yukon Centre Yukon Viktor Zsohar

Members of other Centres, unattached members or non-members can mail or fax their application to:

RASC Observing Committee Chair
c/o Royal Astronomical Society of Canada

Alan Whitman
155 Devon Drive
Okanagan Falls BC  V0H 1R5

Fax: (416) 924-2911 or

E-mail agwhitman at vip.net

Local Certification Centre Information

Any RASC Centre with an active observing group or committee can become a Local Certification Centre. Centres must provide a local person who can review and approve applications for the Explore the Universe Certificate. A supply of blank certificates and a template file are provided that allows for certificates to be produced locally. This allows participating Centres to issue certificates more rapidly than is possible through the mail/fax-in program.

Sample Certificate Copies

We have posted a Sample Certificate (126kb) that you are welcome to view. Centres can request a sample certificate for presentation at Centre meetings, public displays or star nights. To request a sample certificate please contact the Observing Committee (see address above) and provide a mailing address and contact name.

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