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The RASC's Colin Haig to speak on asteroid 2012 DA14 on CTV News


The asteroid 2012 DA14 will make a record-setting approach to earth mid-afternoon on February 15th, 2013. Recently discovered by Spanish astronomers at the Astronomical Observatory of Mallorca, this 45 metre asteroid is the size of half a football field, and its 130,000+ tonnes will be speeding past Earth at 28,100 km/h. 

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APOD, the RASC Archives, and the Great Meteor Procession

Today marks the centenary the Great Meteor Procession (GMP), the most spectacular meteor procession on record. The meteors crossed a quarter of the Earth's circumference, and many of the observers whose impressions contributed to the fundamental scientific report on the event were Canadian. The iconic image of the GMP was painted by RASC member and professional artist Gustav Hahn (1866-1962). To mark the centenary of the event NASA's Astronomy Picture of the Day (APOD) features the century-old reproduction of Hahn's painting from the RASC Archives.

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RASC on Facebook


RASC's National Office has recently set up an official Facebook page!

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2013 General Assembly Website Open for Business!

The registration and conference website is now open at /events/. The 2013 General Assembly will be held in Thunder Bay, Ontario as the Thunder Bay Centre welcomes the Society as we join them to help celebrate their 25th anniversary.

Highlights include:

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Cloudy Nights Spotlights RASC's 2013 Observer's Handbook

Acclaim for the 2013 Observer's Handbook continues to pour in, as the popular astronomy review site Cloudy Nights has praised the publication for both its breadth of information and ease of use. 

According to reviewer Tom Trusock, the 2013 Observer's Handbook "is a one of a kind resource that every amateur should have at their fingertips."

There are only a limited number of copies of the Observer's Handbook 2013 left so we suggest you take Trusock's advice and "Just get it. And sooner rather than later."

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New RASC Server Operational

The Information Technology Committee is pleased to announce that the RASC is now running on a new and improved server infrastructure which is supporting the www.rasc.ca website, our email domain and mailing lists. The new server boasts improved processing, speed and memory and also includes the ability for the Society to mirror our operational server and create test environments for development.

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RASC Vice-President Colin Haig talks up Asteroid on CTV

Click on the image to view the video (approximately 4 minutes).

Colin Haig talks up asteriod Apophis with CTV on January 9, 2013


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RASC Vice President Colin Haig Speaks to CTV About Asteroid Apophis

While there's little chance of a collison, astronomers around the world will be watching the skies tonight as asteroid Apophis (which caused a mild panic in 2004 after predictions of its possible impact) passes within 15 million kilometres of the Earth.

And this morning on CTV, RASC Vice President Colin Haig explained that while the asteroid is not expected to hit earth anytime soon, it could make contact in 2036.

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Sad news from Calgary Centre

Dick KnowlesThe Calgary Centre Council regrets to announce that the Calgary Centre has lost one of its long time members. Dick Lowndes passed away suddenly on Saturday, December 29 in Calgary. Dick and his wife Marg were regulars at almost all of Calgary Centre’s events. In addition to his regular volunteering at public outreach events, Dick was an active member of the Calgary Centre’s Council for years, including a role on the Executive as our Treasurer.

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The Sky This Month - January 2013

Crispy Cold Nights

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