The RASC Historical Committee is looking for help in preparing a detailed finding aid for the RASC Archives.

This would involve data entry for those who can come to the National Office with a laptop computer. It might be more enjoyable and accurate if two people worked together - one to read the information and the other to do the keystrokes. The duration of the project will be inversely proportional to the number of hours devoted to it. A very rough guess is that it might take about 200 person-hours.

For anyone interested in the project but unable to spend time at NO, we need advice on the format. The records need to be permanent (or as close to that as possible), searchable and user friendly (in that order of priority). Other helpful ideas would be a form which the person entering the data could follow and a form which the user could use.

If interested, please contact the Historical Committee at ...

The Historical Committee's mandate is to:

  • encourage development in Society members of an awareness of and interest in the astronomical history of the Society, of Canada, and generally,
  • report to the Council on matters of historical relevance to the Society and to astronomy in Canada, and
  • assist the Library committee in maintaining and supplementing library materials of historical significance.
eNews date: 
Friday, July 1, 2005