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RASC Presence at annual 65th International Astronautical Congress

Written by Julia Neeser on
Julia Neeser
Post Date: 
Thu, 2014/10/02

RASC Executive Director Randy Attwood attended the 65th annual IAC meeting Sept 30th 2014. A presentation was made to members of various like-organizations such as The Canadian Space Society and The Planetary Society. In attendance was Canadian astronaut Jeremey Hanson.



Asteroids and Impacts Webinar a Smashing Success!

Written by M. L. Whitehorne, Past President on
M. L. Whitehorne, Past President
Post Date: 
Tue, 2013/03/05


On February 15th, a small asteroid plunged into Earth’s atmosphere over Russia, causing damage and injuries. Nobody saw it coming. The same day, astronomers expected asteroid 2012DA14 to make a very close, but harmless, approach to Earth. Both events captured media attention worldwide. It was an educational opportunity not to be missed!

APOD, the RASC Archives, and the Great Meteor Procession

Written by R.A. Rosenfeld, RASC Archivist on
R.A. Rosenfeld, RASC Archivist
Post Date: 
Sat, 2013/02/09

Today marks the centenary the Great Meteor Procession (GMP), the most spectacular meteor procession on record. The meteors crossed a quarter of the Earth's circumference, and many of the observers whose impressions contributed to the fundamental scientific report on the event were Canadian. The iconic image of the GMP was painted by RASC member and professional artist Gustav Hahn (1866-1962). To mark the centenary of the event NASA's Astronomy Picture of the Day (APOD) features the century-old reproduction of Hahn's painting from the RASC Archives.

RASC Vice-President Colin Haig talks up Asteroid on CTV

Written by Denis Grey on
Denis Grey
Post Date: 
Thu, 2013/01/10

Click on the image to view the video (approximately 4 minutes).

Colin Haig talks up asteriod Apophis with CTV on January 9, 2013


2012 Helen Sawyer Hogg Lecture now Available

Written by Luca Vanzella, Edmonton Centre on
Luca Vanzella, Edmonton Centre
Post Date: 
Mon, 2012/09/10

Will the world end in 2012? Of course not!

Find out just how ridiculous the claims of various snake oil salespeople who are promoting the end of the Mayan calendar by watching this entertaining review of the scientific evidence provided by Dame Jocelyn Bell Burnell at the 2012 RASC General Assembly courtesy of the Edmonton Centre.


Transit 2012 - share your images and stories!

Written by RASC ToV team on
RASC ToV team
Post Date: 
Tue, 2012/06/12

The 2012 June 5-6 transit of Venus (ToV) is over, and there won't be another one till 2117! Many RASC members successfully viewed the ToV here and abroad, and the RASC ToV team would like your help in constructing a record of our ToV experiences from across the country and beyond. Send us your images and stories, and we'll share them with the rest of Canada and the world on a dedicated page. Even if you were clouded out, but have stories (and images of cursing astronomers) we'd like to hear (and see) them.

Winner of Award of Excellence for Astronomy

Written by Richard Newmann on
Richard Newmann
Post Date: 
Sun, 2012/05/27

The Canada Wide Science Fair was just held in Charlottetown, PEI. The event was spread out from the arrival date of May 12, 2012 to the departure date of May 19, 2012 and had over 500 participants. The RASC "Award for Excellence in Astronomy"  for a Junior went to Patrick Fraser [13]  of Avon Maitland-Huron Perth, Ontario on "The Confinable Cosmos".

Music for observing the transit of Venus!

Written by RASC Transit of Venus team on
RASC Transit of Venus team
Post Date: 
Mon, 2012/05/07

The RASC's transit of Venus website now features the web premier of a piece of new/old transit of Venus (ToV) music. Ever wondered where all the 17th-18th century ToV themed music is? There's some evidence that it might have been part of the casual improvisatory musical culture of the time. Wonder what that would sound like? The RASC Archivist has created an example based on the bass pattern of a dance from John Blow's Venus and Adonis (1683).

Inaugural RASC Astroketchers' Contest!

Written by Randall Rosenfeld on
Randall Rosenfeld
Post Date: 
Mon, 2012/03/05

The entries for the first RASC Astrosketchers' Contest have now been received, and they are of stellar quality!

Images can be viewed at the gallery: /.

The judging period runs from now till 2012 March 18 inclusive. For details visit the site.

RASC Archive Project

Written by Peter Broughton, National Office on
Peter Broughton, National Office
Post Date: 
Fri, 2005/07/01

The RASC Historical Committee is looking for help in preparing a detailed finding aid for the RASC Archives.

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