As part of the continuing rollout of our new website's features and capabilities, we are pleased to announce that access to the on-line edition of the Journal and the private area of the RASC website is now available from the RASC Web Portal at In fact, it is only available this way.

Members can now do the following from the RASC Web Portal:

  • Update your Profile - Update your membership information including your mailing address and personal details. See your outstanding membership dues and change your personalized username and password on-line.
  • eStore - Purchase items with applicable member discounts applied.
  • Member Journal - Download both high and low-resolution versions of the Journal from the RASC website. The six most recent issues of the Journal are available only to members and subscribers. Start here: members | subscribers.
  • Access Member-only Resources - Information on the Society's business including National Council minutes, By-Laws, and annual reports is available to members here. In addition, many Centre newsletters, observing resources, archives of the monthly Bulletin, and other content is available. Start here.

In order to access your member account, please visit this eNews item for a complete summary.

eNews date: 
Tuesday, February 24, 2009