Below are a couple of links from the Astronomy Society of the Pacific regarding welcoming (an re-welcoming?) members to meetings to help ease some of the awkwardness and assumptions regarding astronomy.

Help make new members feel welcomed and appreciated... we were all new at one time... A nice reminder regarding a mentor 'facilitator' as well.

The link is mentions "clubs" but it is also relevant to EPO activities!

To help with generating some activities or meeting content please check out the link below. I have asked for permission for a RASC membership (vs USA Clubs) but I was able to download some test content from the site without issues (typically they request for recognition is all that is required - check the fine print though). I am working with NASA on some other EPO activities and thus far the response has been OVERWHELMINGLY supportive. Hope to have some collateral for the March meeting for the NC reps in attendance.

(form to be filled out re intended use)

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Monday, December 20, 2010