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GA 2010 forum -- Future of the RASC

Written by Randall Rosenfeld, National Office on
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Fri, 2010/07/09

The GA 2010 open forum and panel discussion,

the future of the RASC in the 21st century"

is now a radio programme on Starizona's Let's Talk Stars, hosted by David & Wendee Levy (

The GA event was very well attended, and witnessed an animated discussion on where the RASC might be headed, where it could and should be headed, and how on Earth we are going to get there. Now, thanks to David Levy, those who could not attend the GA can experience the excitement of the event. This is your invitation to join David Levy and panellists Mary Lou Whitehorne, Jim Hesser, Lauri Roche, and Roland Dechesne, and the lively RASC audience


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