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The Sky This Month - April 2015

A (short) Total Lunar Eclipse

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OH for rookies

Ottawa Centre member Paul Sadler has posted this excellent Newbie's Guide to the 2015 Oberver's Handbook on his blog. 

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Registration for the 2015 Halifax General Assembly is now open!

There is lots of information on the registration site, but here is a quick overview.
Wednesday, July 1: Travel Day
Thursday, July 2: National Advisory Council/Board meeting; Downtown exploration via shuttle service for self-directed tours for those not at the meeting; National Advisory Council/Board Reception (evening)
Friday, July 3: Main Tour (Wine and Tides); Pub Night
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The Messier Marathon

Messier Marathon

As we peer up at the night sky, drinking in photons from celestial objects far, far, away, one easily takes on the relaxed position with no schedule. As the months goes by, we greet our favourite Messier object as they emerge from the dawn sky into the blackness of the night. This game is repeated throughout the year until we have recovered all 110 Messier objects. There is however a very tight window of opportunity where all Messiers can be found on a single night.

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RASC Southern California Space and Science Tour

Join the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada on our adventure to Southern California to enjoy the culture and climate and visit the observatories!

We will have an opportunity to visit the California Space Museum, where the space shuttle Endeavour is exhibited. We will visit the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, from where many famous space exploration missions such as Voyager, Viking and Curiosity have been controlled. Then the piece de resistance will be to visit the two observatories in the Southern California mountains: Mount Wilson and Palomar.

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Paul Delaney wins 2015 Qilak award from CASCA

Paul Delaney, long-time RASC member (Toronto Centre), has won the 2015 Qilak Award bestowed by CASCA, the Canadian society of professional astronomers. Paul has been a tireless and effective promoter of astronomy in Canada over three decades. He is presently Director of the York University Observatory (1986-), and Director of the Division of Natural Science at York (2002-).

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Election of Directors

2015 Board of Directors Election

Nominations Deadline: 2015 May 15

Campaign Period: 2014 May 20 - 2015 Jun 19

Election Period: 2015 Jun 20 - 2015 Jun 30

Participation on the RASC Board of Directors is a leadership experience that provides rich opportunity for personal and astronomical growth!

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Chris Gainor's team wins NASA contract for Hubble History

The Hubble Space Telescope (HST) is one of the most significant and longest-lived of the currently active space probes. Beyond its rich sceince harvest, its images have captured the international public's imagination like no other space telescope. In its influence on public perception it is arguably the Apollo of our age.

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The Sky This Month - March 2015

Orion’s K-9’s

As we finally leave winter behind this month and jump into spring, we cannot help but notice the days getting longer. As we tick our way through the calendar, our sun’s angle moves a bit farther north, rewarding us with more than three minutes of light per day. However for astronomers this translates into shorter and shorter nights. It is not until the month of June that we only begin observing at about 9:30 p.m. and later local time but for now, our observing window is still on our side.

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Summer / Co-op Job Placement Available

The RASC Board of Directors has approved in principle (subject to budget approval) the engagement of a Co-op student for the summer of 2015. The Society is seeking a Website Architect and Developer who will spearhead an initaitive to update and improve all of the Society's web properties (www.rasc.ca, events.rasc.ca and secure.rasc.ca). A key responsibility will be to ensure that the Society's existing website is successfully migrated to the Drupal 7 platform.

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