2011 Edition Updates

Observer's Handbook 2011 Edition

The following corrections have been noted:

  • On the inside front cover, the address for Hamilton Centre should be: c/o Mr. A. Blanchard, 2266 Lakeshore Rd W, Oakville ON  L6L 1G8
  • On p. 9: the Jet Propulsion Laboratory link should be ssd.jpl.nasa.gov/horizons.cgi
  • On p. 16: the links are correct but some page numbers are not -- go to the links page
    www.rasc.ca/web-links for the correct numbers
  • On p. 16: The description for www.saguaroastro.org should refer to p. 97
  • On p. 40: The listing for 1962 Alouette 1 has "placed" misspelled
  • On p. 95: The reference to Filters should refer to p. 69
  • On p. 154: Midway through the second paragraph for Times of Moonrise and Moonset, should be p. 208
  • On p. 220: The entries in the table for May 8 and May 18 should both read Mercury
  • On p. 233: The Jun. 2 date in the bottom table should read Jan. 2
  • On p. 231: The chart for the inclination of Saturn's rings should have labels on the y-axis of 6°, 9°, 12°, and 15°, not 3°, 6°, 9°, and 12°
  • On p. 296: line 1 of the table: 34 psc; magnitudes should be 5.5, 5.5, 9.4
  • On p. 300: the colour of the A component of 2 CVn should be "Gd", not "Gb"
  • On p. 301: the "VT" notation for Eta Cas should be moved one column to the right
  • On p. 326: the second line of the second paragraph should read: Specifically, the following objects have been deleted: all objects south of Dec -30°, objects that appear in the Messier Catalogue, the Finest NGC Objects (L1 and L4 being the exceptions), and Deep-Sky Challenge Objects lists
  • On p. 361: meteors should be p. 258
  • On p. 361: meteors, showers table, should be p. 260
  • On p. 361: meteors, radio detection of, should be p. 261


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