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(1910-90) An active observer and astronomy popularizer; received the Chant Medal in 1945.

(1888-1968) A founder of the Centre français de Montréal; received the Chant Medal in 1953.

Victoria Centre member and avid astrophotographer, speaker, writer. Chant Medal 1989.

(1913-1969) Society President (1962-64), Journal editor (1957-69), Handbook editor (1958-70); Service Award (1967).

(1938-62) Bert Topham's observatory at 1250 Castlefield Ave., Toronto.

(1904-90) An active member of the Hamilton Centre.

(1846-1930) K.C., M.A., F.R.A.S.C. A math teacher at Upper Canada College, later a lawyer, and President of the Society (1896-97).

(1916-?) An active Saskatoon Centre member; received a Service Award in 1982.

(1893-1988) DAO astronomer. Society President (1940).

(1941-) A longtime professor of Astronomy at U of T Erindale, well known for his work in variable stars and astronomy education. Society President (1978-80), and Observer's Handbook editor (1971-81). Recipient of the RASC Gold Medal in 1962 and Service Award in 1977.