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(1880-1962) A specialist in terrestrial magnetism, and President of the Society (1922-23).

Hyperactive London Centre member. Service Award 1984. National President (19??-??).

(1884-1959) Methodist minister and mathematician. He was a Hamilton Centre member and Society President (1945-46).

(1895-1984) Professor in the University of Alberta Mathematics Department; Edmonton Centre member; Service Award 1965.

(1880-?) A longtime Toronto Centre member and the Society's National Secretary (1935-58).

(1916-1999) Associate professor of physics at the University of New Brunswick and later the University of Saskatchewan. Society Secretary (1958-64) and President (1968-70). Received a Service Award in 1970.

(1885-1973) Saskatoon and Toronto Centre member. Director of the telescope makers group in Toronto. Received the Service award in 1962.

(1886-1963) Mathematician at U of Manitoba and Western U. Involved with Winnipeg and London Centres.

(19??-??) A founding member of the Centre français de Montréal. She received the Service Award in 1960.

(1920-2004) An longtime active member of the Windsor Centre; received the Service Award in 1984.