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(1913-2001) Canada's first radio astronomer; RASC Honorary President (1986-89).

(1946-) An educator and active member of the Toronto Centre. Received the Service Award in 1981.

(1909-90) UBC Physicist. Service Award 1965.

(1892-1970) An active Montreal Centre member and observer (meteor/solar). Received the Chant Medal in 1955. AAVSO president (1967-69).

(1864-1951) U of T mathematician; Society President (1910-11).

(1881-1956) Dominion Observatory solar astronomer; Society President (1936-37).

James C. Donaldson, L.L.D. (1843-96) was the Society's first non-resident member and an avid double star observer.

(1894-1988) Professor of Astronomy and Dean of Women at Queen's University (1939-63). She studied Physics under Sir Arthur Eddington and later wrote his biography. President of the Society (1943-44) and founder of the RASC Kingston Centre in 1961.

(1925-) An active Quebec Centre member and recipient of the Chant Medal in 1957.

(1823-1918) One of the founding members of the society in 1868.