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(1943-) DAO astronomer; member of the Quebec and Victoria Centres; Service Award 1983.

(1905-) An active member of the Centre français de Montréal.

(1952-) A longtime unattached member of the Society, and organizer of the 1989 General Assembly.

(1910-2007) A well-known Victoria Centre member with a gift for design and fabrication. Received the Service Award in 1968.

(1933-) DAO astronomer (1959-91); Society President (1976-78); JRASC Editor (1980-88).

(1900-81) An active member of the Windsor Centre; received the Service Award in 1965.

(1899-1979) Dominion Astronomer (1946-64); Society President (1951-52); Service Award 1964.

Active members of the Winnipeg Centre.

Longtime physicist at Acadia University, active on National Council. Handbook editor (1982-2000). Service Award 1988.

(1890-1988) An active member of the Montreal and Victoria Centres.