Damien Lemay

A Québec Centre member and avid astrophotographer. Chant Medal 1987. National President (1990-92).

Damien Lemay DAMIEN LEMAY (1943-) is a Physics graduate, presently Assistant Director of Transmissions for Quebec Telephone. RASC members know him better as President (1990-92), author and observer par excellence. As a student, Damien became interested in astronomy through the newspaper columns of Paul-H. Nadeau, and during summers as an assistant to Nadeau at the Quebec Observatory.

Damien Lemay served as the French Editor of the National Newsletter from 1977-89, and contributed many articles himself during this period. As well he wrote frequently for the newsletter of Quebec Centre, for Quebec Astronomique and was the author of two booklets, Guide Practique de l'Astronomie Amateur and La Photogrophie Astronomique. Since 1984 he has served on the National Research Council's Associate Committee on Meteorites. The AGAA recognized Damien Lemay's outstanding contribution to Quebec astronomy by presenting him with their Trophée Méritas in 1982. A regular observer of variable stars and sunspot he won many awards at RASC General Assemblies for displays of his work. He was probably the first Canadian (and perhaps North American) to see Nova Cygni on August 30.06 UT, 1975. But his photographic atlas of the sky was his magnum opus. Taken with his 14 cm Schmidt camera over a period of five years, the 1182 photographs which comprise the entire sky of the northern hemisphere show the meticulous care he took in the exposure, developing and printing. For this magnificent project, Damien Lemay was awarded the Chant Medal in 1987.

Peter Broughton (from Looking Up)

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