Victoria Programme 1943-44

Royal Astronomical Society of Canada
of Lectures
SEASON 1943·44
Wednesday, October 13 "Straight Lines and Circles in Navigation"
Lt. Cmdr. C.A. McDonald,
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Mercury Transit 1940

Victoria Centre members preparing for the transit of Mercury on 1940 November 11.

Observers:  Stilwell, Wright, Everall, Mrs. Ley, Miss Humeston, Shaw.

Telescopes: Hopkins, Shaw, DAO, Peters.

Photograph by L. Hopkins. Original print at DDO. Published in JRASC, 35, 1 (1941).

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GA Group Photo - 1998

We need a higher resolution version of this picture (say a 300 dpi colour scan). If you can provide one, it would be much appreciated.

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GA Group Photo - 1988

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GA Group Photo - 1981

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GA Group Photo - 1972

Photo courtesy of Vic Gaizauskas.

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GA Graphic - 1981

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