Reynold Young

(1886-1977) DO/DAO astronomer; DDO director (1935-45); Society President (1932-33).

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Alan Batten

(1933-) DAO astronomer (1959-91); Society President (1976-78); JRASC Editor (1980-88).

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William Harper

(1878-1940) DO and DAO astronomer; first winner of the RASC Gold Medal (1906); Society President (1928-29).

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Kenneth Wright

(1911-2002) DAO Director (-1976) and Society President (1964-66).

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Fred Williams

(?-?) Member of Vancouver and Victoria Centres, received the Society's Service Award in 1974.

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Robert Petrie

(1906-66) DAO astronomer and member of the Victoria Centre.

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Andrew McKellar

(1910-60) DAO astronomer and Victoria Centre member.

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Boyd Brydon

(187?-1947) An active member of the Victoria Centre and winner of the Chant Medal in 1941.

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John Stanley Plaskett

(1865-1941) J.S. Plaskett played a pivotal role in the establishment of astrophysical research in Canada and helped to confirm the rotation rate of the Milky Way. He was an active member of the Ottawa Centre between 1907 and 1918, acted as an Associate Editor of the Journal for 28 years, and Society President (1914-15).

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Victoria Programme 1943-44

Royal Astronomical Society of Canada
of Lectures
SEASON 1943·44
Wednesday, October 13 "Straight Lines and Circles in Navigation"
Lt. Cmdr. C.A. McDonald,
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