18911127 L.D. Proctor

29 Phoebe St. ???

Nov. 27th 1891

Dear Mr. Lumsden.

Your note of the 25th just received as I have been out of the city. I lectured at Peterboro ??? - day evening and had the largest and most enthusiastic audience I have had in Canada.

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18911114 L.D. Proctor

Galt, Ont.

Nov. 14/91

Dear Sir.

It will give me much pleasure to show the two pictures of Jupiter, with what is apparently a shadow of the great red spot, on Monday evening.

I return from here Monday morning. I shall be at the Queens again. It is very kind of you to send for me and I shall be ready by quarter past seven -- or half past if that is time enough -- I will bring the slides with me. I have only a few instructions to give to the lanternist.

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18911104 L.D. Proctor

Queens Hotel, ???.

Nov. 4th 1891

G.E. Lumsden Esq

Dear Sir.

The thought has just occurred to me that I might possibly do a little good for your "Opera Glass Soc." by mentioning it in my lecture Friday afternoon. If you would like me to do this, will you please tell me a little about the Soc. and please tell me what details you can see on Jupiter & Saturn with an opera glass. I really have forgotten--I think this might be of interest to the young people.

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