29 Phoebe St. ???

Nov. 27th 1891

Dear Mr. Lumsden.

Your note of the 25th just received as I have been out of the city. I lectured at Peterboro ??? - day evening and had the largest and most enthusiastic audience I have had in Canada.

The "Old and new Astronomy" Mr. Proctor's last and best work is not out in bound volume form yet. You know the work was not entirely finished when he died and his friend Mr. A ??? Ranyard is completing it following Mr. Proctor's plan and using his notes as far as possible. The XI Part is out & I am expecting the arrival of Part XII every day, as Mr. Ranyard wrote me it was almost ready some time ago. There will be a XIIIth part but it will be short and will not be so long in coming out. Mr. Ranyard is doing most excellent work on the Star chapters. The book is being published by Messrs. Longmans Green & Co. 15, East 16th St. New York City. You can get the ?? Parts now and the others will be out and I think you will enjoy the work very much.

The photographs I showed of the nebula in Andromeda & portions of Milky Way were by Mr. E.E. Barnard and the ??? of Mars by Mr. J.E. ???. They were made at the ???. All the photographs of scenery I showed at the last meeting were made by Prof S.W. Burnham.

I did not know that Mr. Churchill had suggested to you to fill the ??? the other evening. I can quite appreciate your feeling of diffidence and accept your apology. I am always humbly nervous about appearing and feel each time that it will be impossible for me to face the audience, but when I am once on the platform the feeling passes away, and I forget all about myself--except when there is a great draught which freezes me or takes my voice away as it did Tuesday night. I talked for an hour and 40 minutes at Peterboro & my voice was quite strong at the end. I expect to be starting west in a few days, but have to wait in Detroit for my lecture there on the 5th.

My address in America is No. 423 North 8th St., Saint Joseph, Mi. I think it very probable I shall go to England early in the year, if I do, I will send you my English address.

Thanks for the paper with notice of meeting--were you not amused at the "Astrology"? I enclose one of my circulars with my address printed on it and list of Mr. Proctor's books at Longmans. If I am detained here over Tuesday shall try to attend the next meeting if only for a little while. I wish the Society great success and prosperity and shall be glad to hear from it or of it when convenient.

With kind regards I am

Yours sincerely
L.D. Proctor

G.E. Lumsden, Esq.

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