Wilfred Mallory

(1893-1969) A school teacher and Hamilton Centre member; received the Service Award in 1965.

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William McCallion

(1918-) Professor of Mathematics at McMaster; Hamilton Centre member and founder of the planetarium at McMaster.

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Alfred Johns

(1884-1959) Methodist minister and mathematician. He was a Hamilton Centre member and Society President (1945-46).

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Norman Green

(1913-2007) Anglican minister. Hamilton Centre member; Service Award (1970); NNL Editor (1973-74); National Secretary (1964-71, 1978-80).

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William Findlay

(1874-1953) Professor of Mathematics at McMaster University; Society President (1938-39).

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Ken Chilton

(1939-76) This accomplished amateur astronomer was a member of the Hamilton Centre and recieved the Society's Service Award in 1976. The Society's Chilton Prize is named for him.

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1980s Letter Lang

The exact year of this latter is unknown.


ROBERT LANG, Chronicler

832 Roxborough Avenue
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
L8H 1T3

TELEPHONE 416-547-5301



Mr R P Broughton,
Secretary, R A S C
136 Dupont Street
Toronto Ontario MSR 1V2

Mr Broughton, Sir:

ref; Chilton Papers

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Solar Viewing #2

Two young fellows take a look through a 6 Orion dobsonian Colin Haig brought with solar filter made from Baader planetarium filter material and garden planter bottom.  Photo by Colin Haig.

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BBQ 2004 #13

Prize winners Shelley Watson, (some nice lady), Bert Rhebergen, Klaas Dekins (sp?), Rob Bodner,  Grant Maguire, a young lady in front, and Gary Colwell who always wanted a Canadian Tire Frisbee. Photo by Colin Haig.

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BBQ 2004 #12

Vera and Grant Maguire win The Sky astronomy software. Photo by Colin Haig.

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