Mars 196101190155

Mars on 1961 January 18/19 at 20:55 local time (01:55 UT) as sketched by K. Chalk. C.M. 127°. 6 refractor at 220x. Seeing 2-3/10. Transparency 4/5. T = -1°.

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Mars 196101162335

Mars on 1961 January 16/17 at 18:35-19:00 local time (23:35-00:00 UT) by K.R. Brasch. C.M. 116°. 8 reflector at 300x. Seeing 3-4/10. Transparency 4-5/5. During best moments canals glimpsed as very diffused streaks. T = -1°.

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Mars 196101190010

Mars on 1961 January 18/19 at 19:10-19:30 local time (00:10-00:30 UT) by K.R. Brasch. C.M. 102°. 6 reflector at 220x. Seeing 2-(4)/10. Transparency 4/5. Canal glimpsed during few seconds of seeing 4. T = -1°.

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Mars 196101280045

Mars on 1961 January 27/28 at 19:45-20:20 local time (0045-0120 UT) as sketched by K.R. Brasch. 8 reflector at 300-375x.  Seeing 0-4. Transparency 4-2.  C.M. 33°. Immense detail visible during short periods of fair seeing. T = -1.

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Mars Map 1960-61

Mars map (mercator projection) 1960-61 based on observations by the RASC Montreal Centre.

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QE Planetarium Brochure

Queen Elizabeth Planetarium brochure.

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Hamilton Meetings


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I.E. Symposium

Note from Eric Briggs (Toronto Centre):

I feel this is timely bearing in mind the closure of the Canadian Air and Space Museum at that location in late September [2011]. The names on the program for the 26 Oct 1961 symposium (50 years ago yesterday!) reads like a who's who of experts in Canadian aerospace history:

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Sky Facts #15

Issue No. 15, Toronto, 1960-61

An INTRODUCTION to the wonders of astronomy, published by the ROYAL ASTRONOMICAL SOCIETY OF CANADA (TORONTO CENTRE) and distributed free to visitors at the Society's open-air meetings and Exhibition display; also at the Saturday public evenings at the David Dunlap Observatory.

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