Correspondence 1903-07

Page(s) Date Correspondent
1 4 Oct 1903 Sociedad Astronomica de Mexico
2 24 Nov 1903 A.L. Danard, M.D.
3 23 Nov 1904 Geological Survey of Canada
4 7 Jul 1906 J.T.W. Claridge (England)
6 20 Aug 1906 Observatoire Royal de Belgique
7 1 Sep 1906 McGill University
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Labrador Expedition 1905

Photo album of the Canadian eclipse expedition to Hamilton Inlet, Labrador in August 1905.

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Scrapbook 1905

Background information on this scrapbook from Randy Attwood (Mississauga):

It was created by J.E. Maybee (see the group picture on page 13.) It was donated to the Toronto Centre in the 1980's by his son. I was the Toronto Centre President back then—I got a call from Mr Maybee who lived in Oakville—he was in his 80's—he had something to donate to the centre. He donated the scrapbook and the telescope that his father took to view the eclipse.

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RASC SP&P 1905

RASC Transactions (including Selected Papers and Proceedings) for the year 1905, edited by C.A. Chant.

This 300dpi djvu file was generated from a 600dpi 1-bit scan of the original volume.

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RASC Minutes 1905

RASC Minutes for 1905.

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J.J. Wadsworth

This photo was published in the RASC 1905 Transactions.

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Larratt Smith 1901

Ex-Vice-Chancellor, University of Toronto and a Past-President of the Toronto Astronomical Society.

This photo was published in the 1901 Transactions of the Astronomical and Physical Society of Toronto.

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