On the way home. Photo by Plaskett.

Back row (L to R):
J.E. Maybee, Rev. D.B. Marsh, W. Lyman, J.A. Lajeunesse, W. Menzies, F. Jennings, M. Aldous, C. Upton, J.R. Collins, Rev. H. Simard, Rev. C.P. Choquette, J.A. Russell, C. George.

Middle row (L to R):
L.B. Stewart, Rev. J.J. Kavanagh, S.J., Dr. W.F. King (Chief Astronomer), Miss W. King, Mrs. S. Codd, Mrs. Maunder, Mr. E.W. Maunder, D.J. Howell, A.T. DeLury.

Front row (L to R):
G.P. Jenkins, H.H. Lyman, C.A. Chant, J.S. Plaskett, Joseph Pope, C.M.G. (Under-Secretary of State), J. Macara, L. Gauthier, A.S. Johnson, W.P. Near.

(This key was derived from p.13 of Maybee's scrapbook.)

An image map is available here.

1905 Eclipse #07