William Bruce's Elmwood Observatory in Hamilton.

The observatory, that Mr. Bruce built for himself, ...was located on Hamilton mountain in the area now just a couple of blocks east of Upper James, bounded by the streets Brucedale and Queensdale Avenues. This property was later gifted to the City of Hamilton in 1936, by Mr. Bruce's daughter, as a memorial to him and is now appropriately known as Bruce Park.
—Robin L. Allen, Orbit, March 1985.

The Centre’s first vice-president, William Bruce, invited members to visit his Elmwood Observatory on the Mountain at any time. Situated in the middle of an eight acre field (known today as Bruce Park), it was a splendid installation. To the dome formerly owned by Marsh, Bruce had added “a reception and reading room, having a flat roof, and outside stairs leading up thereto, for viewing star clusters with mounted field glasses.” He had 5-cm and 8-cm telescopes made by Marsh with Brashear lenses, a 10-cm Grubb refractor and a 22-cm reflector.
—Peter Broughton, Looking Up, pp. 188.

William Bruce