SAO Moonwatch

From 1956-1975, the Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory's Moonwatch program issued ephemerides for artificial satellites and collected observations from amateur astronomers.

These observations were important in helping to keep track of satellite orbits as they changed over time. Observers from around the world participated in this program, including a number from Canada.

The Smithsonian Institution Archives list shows includes material relating to Canadian participation in the program and can be seen here (do a text search on "Canada").

Thanks to Eric Briggs (Toronto Centre) for finding this material.



Kennedy1Sep59.pdf - 1959 Sep 1: Letter from J.E. Kennedy to G. Bakos
Ramsay30Nov59.pdf - 1959 Nov 30: Letter from Leon Campbell to R.V. Ramsay
Campbell30Nov59.pdf - 1959 Nov 30: Letter from Leon Campbell to I.K. Williamson
Campbell3Dec59.pdf - 1959 Dec 3: Letter from Leon Campbell to J.E. Kennedy
Kennedy14Dec59.pdf - 1959 Dec 14: Letter from J.E. Kennedy to Leon Campbell


Bakos1Mar60.pdf - 1960 Mar 1: Letter from G. Bakos to J.E. Kennedy
Fidler9Mar60.pdf - 1960 Mar 9: Letter from Marie Fidler to G. Bakos

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